Glen Sabado

Instruments Taught :

  • Drum Set
  • Snare Drum
  • Percussion

Bio : Glen began playing Drums professionally and teaching in High School. Glen taught at Rader’s Music in South Sacramento until he left on the road with his own Show Groups. Glen’s groups opened for such name groups as Earth Wind and Fire, Elvin Bishop and Blood Sweat and Tears to name a few. Glen also performed with well known Artists (Dionne Warwick, The Righteous Brothers and others). Glen did studio work in Los Angeles and studied with Jim Chapin, Joe Pocaro and Chuck Brown (Oakland) which leaves him with a background that is broad and diverse. Glen began teaching in El Dorado County in 1988, volunteering his time to work with the Drum lines at both Oakridge High School (1990-1995) and Ponderosa High School (2002 to present). He currently works with the Mountain Creek MS, Oakridge HS, Ponderosa HS, and Union Mine HS Instrumental Music programs.

Method: Glen believes in teaching his students self Discipline, structure, sight reading, technique and improvising. He has encouraged and helped students audition and make it into several noted Universities. Glen also believes that enjoying your instrument is the most important thing.

Rosalee Mears Sabado

Instruments Taught:

  • Piano
  • Upright Bass
  • Bass Guitar

Bio: Rosalee began taking Piano at age 7 continuing through High School and College. She began Upright Bass and Bass Guitar at age 11 and also continued through High School and College. Rosalee’s background is broad and diverse; she has played in Classical Orchestra’s, Musical’s, Jazz Bands, 22 Piece Show Bands, and Top Forty Rock Bands. Along with performing solo at Weddings and Restaurants Rosalee is also a Singer- Songwriter and has performed in many Songwriter Showcases in the Sacramento area. Rosalee fell in love with teaching early and has been teaching for over 30 years. She has taught at Jack’s House of Music, Skip’s Music and The Sacramento Children’s Home. She began teaching in El Dorado County in 1987. Rosalee was also the Music Director for Faith Episcopal Church for almost 7 years. In 1989 she opened Cameron Park Music Academy.

Method: Rosalee believes all students should have a strong foundation in music fundamentals and instrumental techniques to grow and to continue to grow. Self discipline, Sight reading, Music theory and creativity are encouraged.

Jim Murry

Instruments Taught :

  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar

Bio: Jim began teaching in 1989. He has been a Professional Musician since the early 90’s. Jim has performed in countless groups and has played every conceivable style. Jim studied Music Theory, Jazz and Commercial Performance at American River College.

Method: Jim believes there are no short cuts where musicianship is concerned. Serious study of the fundamentals is the essence of his work with students.

Jennifer Welch

Instruments Taught :

  • Voice
  • Piano

Bio: Jennifer graduated from Simpson Music College with a degree in Music education with an emphasis on Voice.

Method : Vocally Jennifer teaches sight reading, Vocal care, Diction, Singing harmony and expanding you range and performance while singing a variety of music. In Piano Jennifer emphasizes rhythms, note reading, and technique while using a variety of classical and modern music.

Chris Ridgeway

Instruments taught:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello

Bio: Chris graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London with a LRAM in Violin and Cello. Chris also studied Piano and Piano accompaniment. Chris has taught Strings individually an as group classes throughout the United States. Chris has coached cello with the Junior Music Symphony Orchestra of Sacramento and sat on the committee of the Youth Orchestra as well as teaching privately.

Roy Fulmer

Instruments Taught :

  • Woodwind ( Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute )

Bio : Roy Fulmer received a B.A. in Music from California State University at Long Beach in 1969.  He received a M.A. in Instruction and Curriculum from Chapman College. Roy began his teaching career (1971-2006) as the band Director at Ponderosa and El Dorado High Schools in 1970. From 1972 -2006 he was the Band Director and Instrumental Music Instructor at Ponderosa High School. Roy retired in 2006. Roy is currently the Director of the Sierra Symphony in El Dorado County.

Megan Spurlock

Instruments Taught :

  • Oboe/English Horn
  • Woodwinds ( Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone )
  • Brass

Bio : Megan began playing woodwinds at the age of eight. Previous teaching experience includes several years of teaching her own studio of private students, and assistant teaching at local schools such as Crocker/Riverside Elementary, Sutterville Elementary, California Middle School, Cooley Middle School, and McClatchy High School. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Music Education at California State University, Sacramento under the private tutelage of Dr. Keith Bohm (saxophone), Mike McMullen (jazz saxophone), and Deborah Shidler (oboe and English horn). Megan is well versed in both the classical and jazz genres. Since the beginning of her college career, she has been a dedicated member of Sacramento State’s premier groups: Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble I. After graduation, Megan aspires to become a high school band director in the Sacramento area while simultaneously continuing her passion of teaching students privately.